Repair service

We begin with replacing textiles at your home or in our laboratory.

We offer advice on solutions for curtains and sun protection suitable for:

  • private rooms 
  • exhibitions 
  • businesses
  • offices 

In addition, because of business relations with our suppliers we collaborate directly with:

  • architecture studios
  • interior decorators


Confezioniamo su misura i vostri tessuti

Our studio has constantly kept abreast of the latest developments in the market, so as to be able to obtain the very best possible in finishings, tradition, and fine taste in modern textiles, matched and fireproof, ecological, scratch-resistant leather, and choice materials. 

We evaluate your rooms and, with you, we find the correct solution for curtain types and all fastening devices and textiles. Agostena Studio is a member of the Netto Professional Association, which is a national organization of specialists in curtains, floors, and beds.

We have a wide range of textiles, fastening systems, and curtain techniques.

  • traditions curtains
  • drapery 
  • Japanese screens
  • curled curtains
  • blinds
  • Venetian blinds

Call our studio. One of our experts will be glad to make a home evaluation during which you can decide what the best solution for you is--whether it be for inside or outside.

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