The characteristics for a real external illumination:

  • indestructible
  • impermeable
  • UV ray resistant
  • withstants temperatures from – 40° F to 176° F (-40° to +80° C)
  • ground base for installation
  • base for attaching screws to solid surfaces
  • automatic power on  


Illuminating design

"Moonlight" outdoor and indoor lamps are the ideal decor for your house.   They give light and they are indestructible.   We can place them, put them in a fixed position, or float them in swimming pools or ponds. Multiple variations and color schemes are made possible by 24 filters. 

A variety of interchangeable filters makes it possible for us to offer you 24 different colored lights. Adaptable models for all locations, inside or outside.

We can float the "Moonlight" lamps in your swimming pool or pond. They have a battery that has a life of 6 to 8 hours and a recharging time of 2 to 4 hours.