Give the gift of a great night's sleep




Sleep offers our bodies the chance to rest and repair. It replenishes energy levels, identifies and enhances relevant recent learning, resets our emotional responses and invigorates the immune system. Too little sleep, or low quality sleep, leads to decreased brain performance and increases the risk of long-term health issues. 

Factors that can disturb sleep include stress, working hours, social demands, noise, light (in the bedroom), alcohol and nicotine. One maybe less obvious influence is temperature. In order to fall asleep the temperature of our brain must drop. Our biological clock reduces our body temperature from its peak at 4pm, causing it to drop to its lowest point between 4am and 6am in order to help us sleep. The temperature of our bedroom needs to be relatively cool for our core temperature to drop and it's important to help the body release excess heat and moisture to enjoy a good night's sleep. Sleepwear and bedding that help to manage temperature and sweat during the night can therefore support the body's natural thermo-regulation. 

Sleep is vital for Dagsmejan. By understanding the factors that affect our sleep and by changing a few habits we can have a big impact on our sleep quality and wellbeing. 



       Featherlight breathable warmth for luxurious sleep comfort



With a Blend of nature's performance fibres you can enjoy the ultimate warm sleep comfort. Luxury merino wool for comfort and warmth. Tencel, nature's high tech fibre, for breathable softness.


Nattwarm fabric has been specially engineered to offer ultralight warmth. Tested against fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and synthetics. Nattwarm is more warming than textiles up to 50% heavier